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BEN's board includes professionals having direct hands on experience in the various aspects of BEN's business.

Financial Institutions
& Alternatives

Brad K. Heppner Senior Partner Director
  • Chairman of the Board and CEO, BEN; Board of Directors, Constitution Private Capital Company and SMU Cox School of Business (Advisory Board)
  • Prior: Founder and CEO of The Crossroads Group (sold to Lehman Brothers & now held by Neuberger Berman); Founder of Capital Analytics (now held by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group); and previously with Bain & Company, MacArthur Foundation and Goldman Sachs
  • Expertise: 30+ years alternative asset & financial institutions experience
  • MBA, Kellogg at Northwestern University; BBA, BA, BS, Southern Methodist University
Thomas O. Hicks Senior Partner Director
  • Founder and Chairman, Hicks Holdings
  • Prior: Founder of Hicks, Muse, Tate and Furst; Founder and Co-Chairman of Hicks, Haas
  • Expertise: Private equity industry pioneer with 30+ years private equity investment experience; acquisitions across US, Europe and Latin America, private equity funds
  • MBA, University of Southern California; BBA, University of Texas, Austin
BRUCE W. SCHNITZER Senior Partner Director
  • Chairman and Founder, Wand Partners; Chairman, Research Council/The Institute of Human Origins; Director, The Litchfield Land Trust and Seherr-Thoss Foundation
  • Prior: President and CEO of Marsh, Inc.; CFO of Marsh & McLennan; Vice President & Head of M&A for Morgan Guaranty Trust Company
  • Expertise: 30+ years private equity investment experience, insurance and other specialty financial services
  • MBA, University of Texas, Austin; BBA, University of Texas, Austin

David H. de Weese
  • General Partner at Paul Capital and Chairman of the Board, Capacitor Sciences, Inc.
  • Prior: President and CEO, Siga Technologies; President & CEO, Cygnus Therapeutic; President & CEO, Machine Intelligence
  • Expertise: 30+ years business management, private equity experience, credit evaluation, investment
  • MBA, Harvard Business School; Stanford University Law School; BA Stanford University

Banking & Operations

RICHARD W. FISHER Senior Partner Director
  • Senior Adviser, Barclays; Board of Directors, AT&T and PepsiCo
  • Prior: President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Member of the Fed's Open Market Committee, Founder of Fisher Capital Management
  • Expertise: 30+ years banking experience, trade agreements
  • MBA, Stanford University; BS, Harvard University

  • Prior: Vice Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 2012-2018; President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 1991-2011; member of the Federal Open Market Committee; Executive Committee for the International Association of Deposit Insurers 2012-2017, elected Chairman 2015
  • Expertise: Banking, economics and author of "Too Big has Failed"
  • PhD, Iowa State University; MA, Iowa State University; BA, St. Benedict's College
Billie I. Williamson (Candidate)
  • Board of Directors/Audit Committee of Pentair, CSRA, Inc., Energy Future Holdings, ITT Exelis, Inc., Annies, Inc., and SMU Cox School of Business (Advisory Board)
  • Prior: Partner of Ernst & Young LLP, 1984-2011; Director and member of nominating, governance, and audit committee of Janus Capital Group; SVP of Finance — Marriott International
  • Expertise: Finance and audit
  • BBA, Southern Methodist University

Capital Markets

SHELDON I. STEIN Senior Partner Director
  • President, Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits; CEO of Glazer's Beer and Beverage; Board of Directors, Tailored Brands, Inc., and Amegy Bank (Advisory Board)
  • Prior: Vice Chairman & Head of Southwest Investment Banking for Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Senior Managing Director for Bear Stearns
  • Expertise: 30+ years banking experience, investment banking and corporate management
  • JD, Harvard Law School; BA, Brandeis University
  • CNBC's chief international correspondent and co-anchor of "Power Lunch"
  • Prior: Reporter and special projects producer for Univision; reporter with WTSP-TV in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Expertise: Economic reporting
  • BS, Wellesley College

  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Commonfund
  • Prior: CEO and Chief Investment Officer, UTIMCO; Global Head of Pension Investments, Citigroup
  • Expertise: 30+ years investment and financial services experience, capital markets and portfolio risk management
  • MBA, Harvard Business School; BA, Duke University

Management Team

BEN’s management team includes industry veterans with broad fiduciary experience in both the credit and alternative asset markets. Our senior management can leverage longstanding relationships with investors, general partners and advisors of alternative asset funds.

The Beneficient Company (BEN) Management Team | CEO Brad Heppner

left to right:

  • Randy M. Egger

    Vice President, Real Estate Financings
  • Jeffrey D. Thiesen

    Group Manager, Credit Information Research
  • Jeffrey S. Hinkle

    Chief Administration Officer
  • Brad K. Heppner

    Chairman and CEO
  • E. Scott Elphingstone Jr.

    Chief Financial Officer
  • James E. Turvey

    Group Manager, Compliance and Reporting
  • Jamie R. Crable

    Group Manager, Client Services

Brad K. Heppner   Chairman and CEO

  • 30+ years alternative asset experience
  • 14 years for BEN
  • Prior: Bain & Company, MacArthur Foundation, Goldman Sachs
  • Expertise: Acquired or founded ten operating companies in financial services, investment, and insurance sectors
  • MBA, Kellogg at Northwestern University; BBA, BA, BS, Southern Methodist University

Randy M. Egger   Vice President, Real Estate Financings

  • 28 years of real estate-related experience
  • 12 years for BEN
  • Prior: Pierce Goodwin Alexander and Lineville Architects
  • Expertise: Construction management, design and development
  • Architectural Master's Degree, Oklahoma State University

Jeffrey D. Thiesen   Group Manager, Credit Information Research

  • 18 years alternative asset experience
  • 14 years for BEN
  • Prior: President FYInetworks, LLC, captive research firm for Lehman Brothers
  • Expertise: Web-based research, electronic/print financial reporting
  • Bethel College

Jeffrey S. Hinkle   Chief Administration Officer

  • 24 years alternative asset experience
  • 8 years for BEN
  • Prior: Lehman Brothers, Murchison Capital Partners, First Gibraltar Bank
  • Expertise: Alternative asset operations and finance
  • MBA, Pepperdine University; BBA, Southern Methodist University

E. Scott Elphingstone, Jr.   Chief Financial Officer

  • 39 years of financial services experience
  • Prior: Neuberger Berman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Western Fidelity Insurance Company
  • Expertise: Private equity fund administration, accounting
  • MA, Southern Methodist University; BA, Hendrix College

James E. Turvey   Group Manager, Compliance and Reporting

  • 26 years of accounting and alternative asset experience
  • 8 years for BEN
  • Prior: ACNielsen Company, Lehman Brothers
  • Expertise: CPA, fund accounting, software project management, regulatory compliance
  • BS, University of Texas at Arlington

Jamie R. Crable   Group Manager, Client Services

  • 16 years alternative asset experience
  • 12 years for BEN
  • Prior: Lakeside Capital Partners
  • Expertise: Client relations, family office services, operations
  • BA, University of North Texas
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