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Alternative Asset Administration and Insurance Services

Alternative Asset Administration

BEN provides specialized administration services to alternative asset investors. For many mid-to-high net worth (MHNW) investors, alternative assets have become a significant part of strategic asset allocations and efficient estate planning. Leveraging our proprietary trust solutions, BEN will address the workflow burden of holding alternative assets by assuming a fiduciary role that eases costly, complex and time consuming administrative and record-keeping duties that accompany these types of assets. BEN's Platinum, Gold and Silver Trustee levels of administration, through our PrivateTrust™ services platform, will include accounting, tax, compliance and back-office capabilities, all with transparent reporting.

Insurance Services

BEN's forthcoming insurance service offerings include consultation and advice on products to insure against negligence, fraud and misconduct by clients' alternative asset investment managers, including Fiduciary Guardian™ insurance protection. The Fiduciary Guardian™ policies are designed to protect the value of alternative assets for investors by insuring against certain noninvestment related losses.

BEN's IndemnityTrust™, paired with our LiquidTrust™ liquidity solution, is designed to deliver the protection of Fiduciary Guardian™ insurance via a trust vehicle for investors.

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