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Liquidity Products

By leveraging BEN's innovative platform, investors can secure liquidity from alternative assets, plan for the future, or reposition their portfolios.


BEN's flagship LiquidTrust™ product provides cash liquidity and future capital call relief from alternative assets, with no mandatory repayment requirement and no personal guarantee or recourse to the investor, who may also retain potential for upside benefits. As part of our LiquidTrust™ liquidity solution, BEN provides a comprehensive suite of trust administration services.

Asset Exchanges

Through our proprietary ExchangeTrust™ offering, BEN may exchange alternative assets for more diversified exposure. ExchangeTrust™ will provide investors with future capital call relief, while modifying their risk profile by exchanging a single asset or group of assets for exposure to a larger diversified collateral portfolio of alternative assets.

Estate and Tax Planning

BEN's forthcoming estate and tax planning products, such as our Grantor Retained Alternative Annuity Trust (GRAAT™), are designed for high net worth investors who are interested in transferring alternative assets out of their estates in a tax-efficient manner. BEN also intends to provide a Charitable Alternative Asset Trust (CAAT™) which will help individuals achieve their philanthropic goals by facilitating the transfer of alternative assets to their preferred charitable organizations.

Risk Management

BEN's forthcoming risk management products include TrustAlternatives™, which will provide clients an option to access exit liquidity as needed in the future from the client's existing alternative asset funds. The TrustAlternatives™ open architecture design will work with third-party managed funds approved by BEN in advance of clients making their initial investment.

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